About us

Injection of a good design

A passion for creating space is in our blood and therefore we have established our design studio MORPHINA STUDIO.

We are a team of people joined in a common quest to create high-quality design that will reflect the needs of our customers.

As in private life, so well as professional life we fulfill our tasks with commitment, passion and we are looking for the best aesthetic and functional solutions.

We design interiors in a modern style, as well as the timeless classics. We emphasise to each of our project was personalized and tailored to the client’s expectations – customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We design:
– Interiors of houses and apartments – living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens
– Interior service buildings – restaurants, shops, wedding houses, offices
– Facades of buildings.

We also create professional visualizations of products.

We are ready to take your design challenge, but are you ready for MORPHINA?

Contact us and see what we can offer.